1.     Why is the SourceYourMeeting.com "EZ" eRFI so much more effective than other ways of sourcing your meeting?

  1. It's easy for hotels to use so you get quicker more complete responses - Hotels are overwhelmed with duplicate RFPs, and requests for too much information before they are even short listed. They love our "EZ" eRFI form so they respond faster.
  2. It's easy for the planner to use.
  3. You can work with any hotel in the world, not just ones that pay to be part of a Preferred Supplier Network like with other systems.
  4. Meeting Professionals want control of their information. You want unbiased reporting and availability information! not information that has been adjusted without it being disclosed.
  5. Hotels do not want to pay just to be considered
  6. Hoteliers and Planners want to maintain their current relationships, they do not want software to replace relationships. SourceYourMeeting.com allows you to foster those relationships while eliminating the manual tasks.

2.     Why do you call it FAQ&A?

  1. To some this might seem silly. But we believe it's all in the details.
  2. Providing a frequently asked question is nice but what good is the question without the Answer.
  3. You came here to understand more about the application. You want to know how we think. You expect honest answers.
  4. We want you to understand us and want your trust.

3.     Can I continue to communicate with my hotels, CVBs and Global Sales Offices (NSOs / GSOs) the same way I do now?

  1. Yes, you can continue to use your current email client (Outlook, gmail, etc) to distribute to the same contact email addresses you always have.
  2. Yes, you are not forced to send it through the application like with other applications.

4.    Are there limitations on the number of hotels I can consider?

  1. No, we do not cap the number of hotels you can consider like other services or applications.
  2. You can reach any hotel or meeting facility around the globe for any type of meeting or event. For instance:
    1. Independent property or hotel chain
    2. Domestic or international
    3. Under one roof or city wide convention
    4. Boutique or big box hotel
    5. Downtown or resort
    6. First tier city or waterfront town
    7. Board meeting or annual convention

5.    Who buys and uses the SourceYourMeeting.com software?

  1. Meeting professionals subscribe to the service to eliminate manual tasks, share meeting results with co-workers, to get faster hotel responses, to have more hotels to consider, to own their own data, and avoid distracting advertising that makes other applications difficult to use.
  2. Meeting Professionals who want unbiased availability data.
  3. Hotels can bid on your meetings and conventions without cost so they can offer the best possible rates.
  4. CVBs and Hotel National Sales contacts get involved earlier so they can support you. It also doesn't cost them anything to help you get to the right hotels.

6.    Does SourceYourMeeting.com get paid any other fees (commission, etc)?

  1. SourceYourMeeting.com is a subscription service for meeting professionals. We don't get paid hotel commissions or other hidden payments so the hotels are able to offer you the best possible rates.

7.    Why do hotels find this better for them? (the testimonials listed on the "Start Here" page above say it best)

  1. Traditional methods meeting planners used for gathering availability information is overwhelming to both planners and hotels. Now hotels can communicate timely, complete and accurate responses. With SourceYourMeeting.com planners continue to use their current business processes while eliminating costly manual processes for themselves and the hotels (especially duplicate administrative tasks).
  2. SourceYourMeeting.com gives hotels one consistent, efficient, and easy format for responding to a meeting professional's need for dates, rates and space.

8.    Do you have suggestions on ways to improve my meeting specifications so hotels respond even faster?

  1. You can use the meeting specifications you’ve already created in Word, Excel or pdf or we can offer established templates. It’s your choice!
  2. The SourceYourMeeting.com staff can also provide you with consultation to make your specifications more effective. We also provide a Meeting Resume template at no additional cost.
  3. Once they've reviewed your meeting specifications Hoteliers respond using the EZ eRFI (Electronic Request For Information) because it provides a consistent, efficient, an easy to understand format for receiving your requirements and replying to you.

9.    Will my rates be higher?

  1. No, you can consider multiple properties at once and the availability reports will allow you to better analyze the competing properties to leverage lower prices, preferred dates, and more concessions.
  2. No, because we don't add to the hotels distribution channel costs you get lower rates.

10.    Can I customize the fields on the EZ eRFI

  1. Yes, with the caveat that the success of SourceYourMeeting.com is its simplicity and approach.
  2. We will consult with you upon becoming a client to ensure your unique and critical decision making information is collected.
  3. Because of our Template approach you can apply the SourceYourMeeting.com application to solve other procurement needs. Let's talk.

11.    I use a sourcing company to get availability information. Can I still benefit from SourceYourMeeting.com?

  1. Great news! If you use a sourcing company’s representative they can become a secure user within your account to use the application to distribute the meeting specifications and get hotels to provide availability information.
  2. The process is more efficient because you can access the reports and remain in control of the data.
  3. And meeting planners can still use their preferred global sales representatives and CVB reps.

12.    Why did you create SourceYourMeeting.com?

  1. This business process was designed because we wanted an efficient way to get availability data but it has evolved to be so much more.
  2. We have proven that there is a faster way to get to the short list. The application has been in use for over 15 years and has helped planners with over 3,000 meetings through 2016 and that number has multiplied since the release of version 11.0.
  3. Hotels receive leads from so many channels; direct, destination marketing organizations (DMO (Ex. CVB)), global sales offices (GSO), representation companies, and third party sourcing companies. But they are asked to provide too much detail in their responses, proposals and contracts which slows down their ability to respond.

    Planners developed SourceYourMeeting.com as we understood what planners and hotels want to achieve. We stayed laser focused with a technology solution to this specific problem.

    The old way was to ask for too much information up front because we didn't expect instant responses. That isn’t how people work today, everyone wants instant responses. Consider more hotels in less time by eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails from CVB, National Sales and hotels sales people checking to see if you received their bid. Phone and email should be for consultative communication and relationship building.

13.    What is the latest release of SourceYourMeeting.com?

  1. v9.8 released in June 2014
  2. v10.0 released in November 2014
  3. v10.1 released in February 21, 2015
  4. v10.4 released in August 31, 2015
  5. v10.6 released in December 30, 2015
  6. v11.0 released in February 11, 2016
  7. v11.1 released in April 02 , 2016
  8. v11.1.07 released in June 2016

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