Manage your RFPs - Quick, Easy and Complete

Meeting professionals designed and its methodology is proven to work. It is laser focused to provide you with an easy way to research, compare and book meetings and conventions at any hotel worldwide - And you remain in control.

Other products require you to make a choice between their system and your relationships. With you eliminate manual processes yet still work with any hotel contact, and/or your Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and Hotel National/Global Sales Office (NSO/GSO) consultative relationship contacts.

1: Create your meeting project: Use your own meeting specifications, in your own format, set the date you expect to hear form the hotels by, and provides you with a unique project link ("eRFI Link").

2: Send the "eRFI Link": Send the "eRFI Link" to the hotels, CVBs, and Hotel National Sales (NSO) contacts as you always have. Hotels respond to Your RFP on an EZ eRFI Form, which allows them to respond faster.

3: Compare hotel rates and availability instantly: View, Sort or Filter your comparison grid online and when you are ready, export the display results to Excel with 1-click. (see a sample comparison grid). You may also wish to Visualize Your Results on an interactive Google Map (Click to see what we mean). You can also notify hotel properties of your short-list or booking decisions with just a few clicks.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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How is different:

  • does not get paid commissions
  • You have complete control over the hotels who receive your meeting specifications
  • No cap on the number of hotels you can consider (High hotel demand and occupancy means fewer hotel options and increases your need to consider more properties quicker)
  • No more cutting and pasting from multiple web sites, emails and other sources. We eliminate that step so you get to a grid in Excel quickly
  • Reporting that's not biased! Hotels don’t pay to be positioned nor does an algorithm favor properties who pay more. Your reports and availability information is totally unbiased
  • Reports list hotels horizontally on each line of the Excel spreadsheet so it’s easy to compare. Clearly planners didn't develop the vertically challenged reports of our competitors
  • Works on your desktop, laptop, pad or handheld
  • We encourage enhancing relationships with your Hotel National/Global Sales (NSO/GSO) and Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) partners to help you refine your selection, and they get notified each time one of their hotels responds, so you don't have to! (And we can connect you if you don't have a contact in a city or at a hotel company)